OK!!! im gonna do something for all of you. Your gonna do some thing for me: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO CALL NARUTO FANS!!!!! (erm.. well anime fans) so like any anime that you know just say it like fanime = anime fans stuff like that. So comment on what you think it should be. (You guys must be thinking thats really dumb >_<)


ok so you see the fan list. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight there SO didn't i say you have to comment to be in it? (and which character you like the best >.<) Yep.......... JUST COMMENT ALREADY!!! GOSH!!!!!  -_-*



    I don't what to say really, though the fact that I'm a girl who made this whole site. People call me Konan, from Naruto, because I'm a big fan of her. More? A complete, cold, hard, fanime geek. A heartless one, at that. xDD


    July 2008



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